Curriculum Panel Friday, June 8th, 2018

Social Design in Tumultuous Times: Why and How to Publish about it

Eric Benson, Associate Professor, Chair of Graphic Design, University of Illinois
Elizabeth Resnick, Professor Emerita, part-time faculty in Graphic Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Peter Fine, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, University of Wyoming
Yvette Perullo, Part-time faculty, Graphic Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

This panel will empower and provide insights for the design educator interested in publishing a book presenting their research in social or sustainable design.

Social Design is the practice of design where the primary motivation is to promote positive social change within society. As both a discipline and a professional practice that has experienced dramatic growth in recent years, Social Design remains nascent in its teaching, research, and community-oriented practices. Similarly Sustainable Design pedagogical theories and practice have been adopted into disciplines of industrial design and architecture, however are still slow in adoption in the graphic design field. As global warming impacts are compounded by over consumption, waste, deforestation, and population growth, the teaching and practice of graphic design must evolve quickly to help drawdown greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it is ever more important to educate, write, create, and promote pedagogy to encourage students and creative professionals to adopt a proactive role to effect tangible change to make life better for all.

The panel will discuss this need through the vehicle of publishing books on social and sustainable design for the higher education classroom. The three invited panelists will provide design educators interested in writing and publishing a book on social and environmental issues with the insight on how to locate and pitch the right publisher for their book project, negotiate a contract, and navigate the writing and design process that follows after.

Each of the three panelists have a proven track record writing and publishing on the topic of social and sustainable design, and their insights and passion for design writing will provide encouragement for other educators to embark on the often bumpy process of writing their own book to empower social and environmental activism and solutions in tumultuous times.