Community Workshop Friday, June 8th, 2018

Play the Game: Designing Board Games as Platforms for Communication Between Doctors and Patients

Helen Sanematsu, Associate Professor/Dir. of Communications, Community Health Partnerships, Indiana CTSI
Sarah Wiehe, Associate Professor/Directory, Community Health Partnerships, Indiana CTSI

Learn to design with everyday metaphors and interactive forms for fun, multi-stakeholder communication!

Collaboration between stakeholders with different areas of expertise can be challenging, yet it is often critical for the success of any design. In our workshop, we will demonstrate a board game tailored to facilitate communication between doctors and patients, and which can be customized to build understanding and empathy in a wide range of situations.

Our game was created by Research Jam in its studio at the IU School of Medicine. 

Workshop take-aways:

An introduction to how design can work within research at a medical school
A nice snack