Poster Session II Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Graphic Language In The Library

Vinicius Lima, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
Gayle Schaub, Liaison Librarian, Grand Valley State University

Learn how to collaborate within your university community and bring client experience to your students!

This poster presents the collaborative project between a graphic design professor and an academic librarian in the design of touchpoints that inform university members about frequently misunderstood library terminology. The “Learn The Terms” campaign is designed by students in the senior-level course for students and is based on the data from an assessment of students’ understanding of Information Literacy terminology.

The campaign is implemented in a mid-sized, comprehensive university where 48% of its 25,000 total enrollment is a first-generation college student. To facilitate students’ understanding of the terminology used by their professors and librarians, the graphic design students are in charge of using the provided data to define a problem, empathize with their audience, decide on the most suitable touchpoints and prototype the experience while gathering feedback from the stakeholders. The project has been presented to the class for the past two years with different terms each time. Students learn to manage the complexities of information literacy while being involved in a high-impact learning experience that involves designing for a specific client, budget constraints, and brand requirements.