Adventures in Type Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Designing a Theoretical Foundation for People-Centered Design Research: Outcomes from the AIGA Design Faculty Research Grant

Pamela Napier, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design, Herron School of Art & Design; Cofounder and VP of Operations of Collabo Creative
Terri Wada, President and Cofounder of Collabo Creative; Adjunct Faculty, Herron School of Art & Design 

This presentation will cover the process, methodology, analysis, and results of our AIGA Design Faculty Research Grant for the 2015-2017 cycle.

Our research project focused mainly on Design Education in regards to teaching People-Centered Design in a collegiate or post-secondary educational context. The goals for this project were to provide relevant teaching tools along with an established curriculum structure, in order to enable more schools to teach People-Centered Design and Design Research. The tools developed thus far have been tested, evaluated and revised within our own curriculum, as well as two other institutions in New York and Qatar.

We will be sharing the teaching tools, curriculum revisions, and feedback from our research participants, as well as next steps that will be taken based on what we’ve learned.